Treating Spent Caustic Deep Neutralization Process by Merichem Chemicals & Refinery Services

Application: MERICON systems neutralize spent caustics containing sulfides, mercaptans, naphthenic acids, and phenols.

Description: A MERICON system neutralizes spent caustic with acid to a low pH. The sprung acid oils are separated from the acidic brine. The resulting acid gases (H2S and mercaptans) flow to a sulfur plant. The sprung acid oils are returned to the refinery for processing. The acidic brine is further stripped with fuel gas to remove traces of H2S and mercaptans. Finally, the acidic brine is mixed with caustic to return it to a neutral pH for final disposal.

Competitive advantages:
• Minimal operator attention and 100 % onstream factor between turnarounds
• Minimal capital investment
• Maximum COD reduction
• Non-odorous neutralized brine product
• Recovery of valuable hydrocarbons.

Licensor: Merichem Chemicals & Refinery Services LLC, Process Technology Division.