A process that can:
• Selectively remove H2S and COS in integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC), with high CO2
rejection to product gas (+85%) and high sulfur (25% to 80%) feed to the Claus unit
• Selectively remove H2S/COS plus bulk removal of CO2 in gasification for high-purity H2 generation for refinery or fertilizer applications, and
• Treat natural gas to achieve either LNG or pipeline specification with dew-point reduction


This process uses Dow’s SELEXOL solvent a physical solvent made of a dimethyl ether of polyethylene glycol, which is chemically inert and not subject to degradation. The process also removes COS, mercaptans, ammonia, HCN and metal carbonyls. A variety of flow schemes permits process optimization and energy reduction. Carbon steel can be used for the construction materials of equipment and piping due to the process’s non-aqueous nature and inert chemical characteristics.

Acid gas partial pressure is the key driving force. Typical feed conditions range between 300 and 2000 psia, with acid gas composition (CO2 + H2S) from 5% to more than 60% by volume. The product specifications achievable depend on the application and can range from ppmv up to percent levels of acid gas.

Licensor: UOP LLC

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