Residual Fluid Catalytic Cracking Process by KBR and ExxonMobil

Conversion of low-value residual feeds and deasphalted oils from heavy crudes to high-valued light olefins, gasoline and distillates.

The converter is a one-piece modularized unit that efficiently combines KBR’s proven Orthoflow features with ExxonMobil’s advanced reaction design features. The regenerator is a single vessel that operates in partial or complete CO combustion with a dense phase catalyst cooler depending on the coke-forming tendencies of the feedstock.

The regenerator operates with a counter current flow of air and catalyst featuring a (1) spent catalyst distributor that evenly distributes the catalyst over the regenerator bed; and a (2) proprietary baffle that limits back-mixing between the upper and lower portions of the bed, effectively achieving a staged combustion in a single regenerator. The counter-current regeneration also reduces NOx emissions compared to other types of regenerators.

Licensors: KBR and ExxonMobil.

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